Tuesday, July 31, 2012

 When i took this picture, i didn't see who was watching me from the window.

 The terrace in the back of our B&B.

 This modern building above was directly across the street from the "Pizzeria in Hell" below

 The oldest building in town--i think she said it was built before 1100?
 One of the newest buildings in town, built adjacent to the oldest.

Monday, July 30, 2012


They've done an enormous amount of renovating since the Wall came down.  Even in the last few years, a lot has happened.  I was there about 5 years ago and most of the buildings then seemed to be badly in need of repair.
 These folded down to hold the wares of the shop, back when shops were really workshops.
 In the "new" part of town. There was even a photographer depicted in this relief on a 19thC bldg.

 18thC right next to medieval
The stairs at the B&B where we stayed.
 The door of a brewery a couple doors down from the bed and breakfast where we stayed.
a detail of the Rathaus (city hall) facade
 a toy shop called "Play Dream".  I love how even very utilitarian places like a hardware store are totally charming.
 Had to document this: the first time I've ever mentioned tap water at a German restaurant and not been met with scorn and disapproval.  The waiter even offered to put ice and lime in it!  The people of Quedlinburg definitely seem to be keen to attract more tourists.  And this wasn't even at a touristy place--more of a local hangout we stumbled upon.

 The older half-timber houses (like the one above) have loads more decorative details, whereas the ones from the 18th-19th centuries are much more bare bones, like below.
In the back courtyards, people have a lot more latitude to put in modern windows and paint things whatever colors they want, as they preservation codes aren't as strict as for facades on the street.

 "Jew Alley"  I guess that sausage place wasn't always there..
 City Hall
 Roland was also here!

My, how we've grown in the last 500 years!

 The breakfast room where we stayed.  Steve thought the walls too red.  I liked the color scheme, though I wouldn't have chosen it.

 The German Half-timber Society

 Some of my favorite parts of Quedlinburg are the back courtyards. 

 This plaque marked the site of a former synagogue. 

2 modern signs following the tradition of those medieval signs that shops hang out to advertize their wares and services, using images so that you didn't have to be literate to understand them.